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Posting my family’s picture…

I’m not a fan of frequent visiting facebook but whenever I do, I observe that many people post photos of their kids or their family.  It speaks of many things, for me.  I admit I’m not a family-attached person or so I think.  Maybe not a fan of posting pictures of my family on the net… It’s just too personal I guess to me that I do not need to tell the whole world that “hey! this is my family.”  

I guess I can attribute that to my being an introvert.  One friend of mine used to say, “You’re an introvert but sociable.”  At first, I didn’t buy it,  But now, I’m starting to consider if that really is in fact true.

Well, going back, I like talking too.  But not to many people.  Only a few that I like to talk to or listen to.  And that sometimes make it hard for me to relate to the world, I accept that.  I am more of a listener or just hearing stories of people that interest me make me forget about everything.  And that, I guess, is the fundamental thing about human relationship.

Photos of family make you think of family.  That it is important to you and that you are happy with it.  But sometimes, as I see people posting things like that, it somehow make me see a mask in their own lives.  And instead of feeling great about the post on their family, I somehow see the loneliness of the people who post it.

Since I am an introvert, i guess i see more of what’s inside than from what’s outside.  There are some people especially parents who become more preoccupied with their children’s lives than finding happiness of their own.  And that I think is where the loneliness is coming from.  Most of the time, these are people who i think believe that obligation is the best expression of love for their family.

Once, I said in my facebook status, “Love is not an obligation.”  That is, for me.  Although of course, there are times that I felt like obligation is more important than my own quelling of loneliness, oh well, I give the obligation due consideration.

Oh well, there are those who believe that everything is a choice.  And there are others who believe in destiny.  And for me, given my personality of being young all the time, it’s a combination of both or simply, I’m not the planner type.  So whether you like my post or not, it’s just something that I want to share and it makes me see who I am.  For me, my family is my family.  And now I see, without your family, you don’t have anything.  Whether related by blood or not, whoever you consider as family, that’s what makes you the kind of human being that you are.

This is just my opinion or maybe my point of view. Perhaps, my outlook in life?  Or what I call, how I see things.  It’s a never ending search and somehow, every step is a destination.  In truth, my family is someone who I encounter who think this same way.