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Today I sat and write…

What is I?  if I am made of love?  Would you believe I am or perhaps I am of light?  My mind soars into confusion like I’m inside a waterspout of my own illusion.  Why would i want to be here?

Is this fiction or real?  Is this my imagination or something I wish is?  I have never known ascension but I am in the clouds.  All I see is the sky–I’m in the sky.  Like in Jack and the Beanstalk, I am up above in the sky.  Did I climb or was I carried by the growing giant tree?

Am I happy?  I don’t know…  But I do like to explore so my mind is away from all the worries…

Why was I here?  Am I escaping from love or am I afraid to lose my childhood realm?  My love is always with me, whether I’m alone or just plain with him going wherever.  But why am I here?

Do you ever wonder like this?  They say pure thoughts is mathematics.  Is this that realm?

I cannot hold on to the roots of the underworld.  Would I rather be in this place or worry about the everyday I used to do?  How can I ever show this world?  It is something I have created.  It is something I am not afraid of and sometimes doubt if it is real.

Where is this place in the world?  It is not there.  It is something beyond.  It is in my mind.  The playground of my mind.