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Posting my family’s picture…

I’m not a fan of frequent visiting facebook but whenever I do, I observe that many people post photos of their kids or their family.  It speaks of many things, for me.  I admit I’m not a family-attached person or so I think.  Maybe not a fan of posting pictures of my family on the net… It’s just too personal I guess to me that I do not need to tell the whole world that “hey! this is my family.”  

I guess I can attribute that to my being an introvert.  One friend of mine used to say, “You’re an introvert but sociable.”  At first, I didn’t buy it,  But now, I’m starting to consider if that really is in fact true.

Well, going back, I like talking too.  But not to many people.  Only a few that I like to talk to or listen to.  And that sometimes make it hard for me to relate to the world, I accept that.  I am more of a listener or just hearing stories of people that interest me make me forget about everything.  And that, I guess, is the fundamental thing about human relationship.

Photos of family make you think of family.  That it is important to you and that you are happy with it.  But sometimes, as I see people posting things like that, it somehow make me see a mask in their own lives.  And instead of feeling great about the post on their family, I somehow see the loneliness of the people who post it.

Since I am an introvert, i guess i see more of what’s inside than from what’s outside.  There are some people especially parents who become more preoccupied with their children’s lives than finding happiness of their own.  And that I think is where the loneliness is coming from.  Most of the time, these are people who i think believe that obligation is the best expression of love for their family.

Once, I said in my facebook status, “Love is not an obligation.”  That is, for me.  Although of course, there are times that I felt like obligation is more important than my own quelling of loneliness, oh well, I give the obligation due consideration.

Oh well, there are those who believe that everything is a choice.  And there are others who believe in destiny.  And for me, given my personality of being young all the time, it’s a combination of both or simply, I’m not the planner type.  So whether you like my post or not, it’s just something that I want to share and it makes me see who I am.  For me, my family is my family.  And now I see, without your family, you don’t have anything.  Whether related by blood or not, whoever you consider as family, that’s what makes you the kind of human being that you are.

This is just my opinion or maybe my point of view. Perhaps, my outlook in life?  Or what I call, how I see things.  It’s a never ending search and somehow, every step is a destination.  In truth, my family is someone who I encounter who think this same way.



I Katha

*Tala:  Wala pang pamagat ang kathang ito kung kaya’t sa ngayo’y ito muna ang aking tanda: I Katha o “Fiction Part I”.


Kapag umusbong ang isang nangungusap ng pilosopiya, makikilala kaya ito na ito’y bahagi ng kanyang kalikasan?  Pagka’t siya ay may malayang kaisipan na binubuo ng kanyang diwa’t pagmamahal.  Hindi ba’t may ilang makata na di mawari ang pag-ibig na kanyang ibinabahagi sa kanyang mga tula ngunit sa pagtatagpo lamang ng isip at puso nauunawaan ang kahulugan.

Hindi ko akalain na matatagpuan ko ang ganitong lugar.  Ang dimensyon kung saan ika’y makalilikha ng mundong gusto mong kalagyan.  Sino ang makapagsasabing may kapangyarihan kang lumikha?



*Ito ay aking inspirasyong nahango sa mga aklat na sulat ni Neil Gaiman.  Hindi ko siya nabasa, pahapyaw lamang ngunit nabigyan ako nito ng ganitong ideya sa pagsusulat ng maaaring patunguhan ng aking kwentong katha kung ito ma’y magtuloy sa isang mahabang kwento.


I asked my date how he can describe our lunch yesterday at 3:00 in the afternoon after a hellish day at work.  And he said, it was “pleasant.”

pad thai
simply thai, greenbelt makati

Oh well, I loved it.

There’s the perfect noodle dish which is my favorite in thai noodle dish–“pad thai”.  My date happened to live in Thailand for 4 years (if I remember it right :).  I always eat noodles with him recently and he treats me to eat noodles when we have “the moment” (if you know what I mean).  We’re both matured enough (whatever that means) to just sit and eat together and just have fun having conversation and watching each other how we eat and share spoon eating coconut ice cream.  How’s that for the meaning of “matured enough.” 😉

Oh, I’m not yet that good at storytelling since I’m the type who savor and relish the moment at the moment it is happening.  But I can only share how “pleasant” that was with this picture.

One of the best things about this lunch date is that we’re supposed to eat at Oody’s, one of my favorite restaurants.  Even though it’s already late and my man is obviously drooling in hunger inside, before we parked the car, I asked him if it’s ok if we look for another noodle restaurant because I might just loose my appetite for Oody’s since we always eat there.  And since he loves me (that’s what he said), even with a little bit of disappointment, after we parked the car in Greenbelt mall and got off, we wandered a little and we saw Japanese restaurants and he was asking me if I want there and I keep on saying no s0o we walked a little more and voila! We saw Simply Thai.  One like Oody’s but this is high end than Oody’s.  He was patient with me.

We looked at the menu stand outside the Restaurant before we went in.  Perfect, I saw Pad thai and asked the waitress who assisted us if that is spicy and she said not so but we can adjust its spiciness with the condiments. Really perfect because I like toying with condiments with chillies in my food to adjust to my limit of eating spicy things.

The pad thai, whose flat noodles was cooked just fine and presented as palatable as it is in my eyes, to my surprise has a different look of its egg net, the dish’s signature.  I looked into it and I assume the scrambled egg net has melted cheese with it making it really look like a wire.  The pad thai I usually eat at Oody’s also in Greenbelt 3, Makati, the egg net doesn’t have cheese so it’s soft unlike here in Simply Thai, the net wrap look stronger, thick, and look like a melted nougat.  Simply Thai Restaurant is in Greenbelt 5, Makati City, one of the posh cities in the Philippines.  It’s not that I’m into posh things but I happen to like the food there or wherever there are spicy noodle dish and other Asian food especially Singaporean food.

Aside from the pad thai is the Chilli Squid O’s, our appetizer.  It is like Calamares, breaded squid rings, only the dip is uniquely mashed eggplant and green chillies with vinegar.  It was really delicious for an appetizer  .  After eating a few of the squid, I cut the pad thai with a knife to get some and he put some in my plate.  That’s one of the best things about eating with a man, I like it when they put food on my plate.  It makes me feel special of course but more than that it gives me a sense of security.  I like it when they behave as a gentleman.  It makes the world so beautiful.

The thing about him, he knows how to handle me.  I’m sensitive, too picky, really a pain in the ass when I’m not in the mood.  I’m glad he can always be a gentleman with me even if I’m not…I don’t know the term, maybe being sensitive.  But his term for it is that I’m delicate.

When I asked him to have the dessert served before he goes to the restroom, he makes sure what I need is attended right there and then.  It’s not that he treats me like a royal princess, he treats me with dignity, with pride and with sincerity.  We talked and talked and talked.. We chatted, exchanging caress, hugs, leaning on his shoulder, my arm around his shoulder looking in his mobile phone after taking photos of the food..

Now I know what he means by “pleasant.”

3 Pagbabago na aking Nagustuhan sa Aking Sarili

1.  Lagi na akong kumakain ng gulay at prutas na hangga’t mayroong organic, mas gusto ko nito.

Mahirap makahanap ng organic na mga pagkain dito sa Pilipinas.  Ang termino kong organic ay ibig sabihin, walang artipisyal na mga kemikal na inilagay hangga’t maaari.  Napansin kong lagi na akong kumakain ng organic fresh lumpia na mabibili sa kainan sa may mga malalaking Supermarket.  Hindi rin lumilipas ang isang araw na hindi ako uminom ng buko juice, calamansi juice, sugarcane juice o iba pang inuming mula sa prutas.

2.  Mga organic na produkto na rin ang aking ginagamit sa pangaraw-araw.

Ginagamit kong mga sabong panligo at mga produktong pang-alaga sa buhok ay organic na gawa dito sa Pilipinas o iba pang bansa sa Asya.  Natutuwa ako na magkaroon ng iba’t ibang klase ng sabong organic.  Mayroon akong kulay luntian, puti, kahel, dilaw (calamansi) at rosas.  Ang lahat ay base sa virgin coconut oil na sinamahan ng mga natural na halo ng prutas, halaman o bulaklak na nagbibigay ng amoy nito.

Ang gamit ko ring sabong panlaba na pulbos at pampalambot ng damit ay organic na produkto na gawa dito sa Pilipinas.  Gustung gusto ko ang amoy ng pampalambot ng damit na ito.  Banayad at maaliwalas sa pakiramdam pati ng  amoy nito.

3.  Natututo na akong mag-alaga ng aking pinansya.

Gusto kong nakakabili ng mga sapatos at bag ngayon na gusto ko ang disenyo at maganda sa aking gamit.  Ang mga ito ay gawa dito sa Pilipinas o iba pang bansa sa Asya.  Hindi ako mahilig mag-shopping noon ngunit ngayon, masaya na akong bumibili ng mga gusto kong produkto.  Ang isang hindi ako mapakali ay ang maubusan ng mga organic na produktong aking ginagamit sa pangaraw-araw tulad ng sabong panlaba o gamit sa pag-aalaga ng aking buhok. Ayaw kong nawawalan ng mga ito.  At higit sa lahat ang hindi makabili ng pagkaing gusto kong kainin lalo na ng organic.

3 Bagay Na Gusto Ko Pa

  1. Nagdadamit na ako ng mga bestida palagi.
  2. Nagsasalita ako ng wikang Filipino ng tuwid.
  3. Nagsusulat ako.

3 Pagbabago na Gusto kong Mapagtibay Sa Akin

  1. Pumasok sa opisina ng maaga.
  2. Magbaon ng masustansiyang pagkain.
  3. Makaalis ng opisina ng ala-sais.



3 Changes that I Liked in Me

1. Now, I always eat vegetables and fruits, which, as much as there’s organic, I like it better.

It’s hard to find orgnic food here in the Philippines.  The term organic that I use here means no artificial chemicals are put in it as much as possible.  I have observed that I now always eat organic fresh lumpia that can be bought in food counters in big Supermarkets.  Not a day pass as well that I did not drink buko juice, calamansi (Philippine lemon) juice, sugar cane juice or other fruit juice.

2.  Now, I use organic products for everyday use.

Bath soaps and hair care products that I use are all organic.  It is either made in the Philippines or from other nations in Asia.  I am so happy to have different kinds of organic soap.  I have color green, white, orange, yellow (calamansi) and pink.  Its base are all virgin coconut oil blended with natural ingredients like fruits, plants or flowers that gives its scent.

The detergent powder and fabric conditioner that I use are also organic made here in the Philippines.  I really enjoy the scent of the fabric conditioner.  It is so gentle and refreshing to the touch even its scent.

3.  Now, I am learning to take care of my finances.

I really like buying shoes and clothes these days, which I like the design and how good it looks to me when I use it.  These are made in the Philippines or other countries in Asia.  I didn’t like shopping before, but now I get to enjoy buying the things that I like.  One of the things I don’t like most is when I ran out of the organic products that I use every day like detergent powder or shampoo and conditioner for my hair.  I don’t like having no supply of these things.  And above all not being able to buy the food that I like to eat especially organic.

3 Things That I Also Like

  1. I wear dress more often.
  2. I speak in straight Filipino.
  3. I write.

3 Changes That I like to Be Firm in Me

  1. I go to the office early.
  2. I pack healthy food.
  3. I go out of the office at 6:00.