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On James Dashner’s Book



I was reading James Dashner’s “The Maze Runner” and I enjoyed it.  I thought this makes me feel the thrill as if watching it in a big screen but I bet they wouldn’t be able to capture how thrilling it is to read than to watch it.  But we don’t know, maybe there’ll also be a genius in the film industry who can capture the same thrill or almost.





Binabasa ko ang akda ni James Dashner na “The Maze Runner” at talaga namang natuwa ako.  Naisip ko na naparamdam nito ang tindi ng pagkaaliw na parang pinanonood mo ito sa sinehan, ngunit sa aking tantya ay di nila makukuha kung paano maipapakita ang tindi ng pagkaaliw habang binabasa ito kaysa pinanonood.  Ngunit di natin alam, maaaring may isa ring henyo sa industriya ng pelikula ang makakakuha ng parehang tindi o halos kapareha.





Posting my family’s picture…

I’m not a fan of frequent visiting facebook but whenever I do, I observe that many people post photos of their kids or their family.  It speaks of many things, for me.  I admit I’m not a family-attached person or so I think.  Maybe not a fan of posting pictures of my family on the net… It’s just too personal I guess to me that I do not need to tell the whole world that “hey! this is my family.”  

I guess I can attribute that to my being an introvert.  One friend of mine used to say, “You’re an introvert but sociable.”  At first, I didn’t buy it,  But now, I’m starting to consider if that really is in fact true.

Well, going back, I like talking too.  But not to many people.  Only a few that I like to talk to or listen to.  And that sometimes make it hard for me to relate to the world, I accept that.  I am more of a listener or just hearing stories of people that interest me make me forget about everything.  And that, I guess, is the fundamental thing about human relationship.

Photos of family make you think of family.  That it is important to you and that you are happy with it.  But sometimes, as I see people posting things like that, it somehow make me see a mask in their own lives.  And instead of feeling great about the post on their family, I somehow see the loneliness of the people who post it.

Since I am an introvert, i guess i see more of what’s inside than from what’s outside.  There are some people especially parents who become more preoccupied with their children’s lives than finding happiness of their own.  And that I think is where the loneliness is coming from.  Most of the time, these are people who i think believe that obligation is the best expression of love for their family.

Once, I said in my facebook status, “Love is not an obligation.”  That is, for me.  Although of course, there are times that I felt like obligation is more important than my own quelling of loneliness, oh well, I give the obligation due consideration.

Oh well, there are those who believe that everything is a choice.  And there are others who believe in destiny.  And for me, given my personality of being young all the time, it’s a combination of both or simply, I’m not the planner type.  So whether you like my post or not, it’s just something that I want to share and it makes me see who I am.  For me, my family is my family.  And now I see, without your family, you don’t have anything.  Whether related by blood or not, whoever you consider as family, that’s what makes you the kind of human being that you are.

This is just my opinion or maybe my point of view. Perhaps, my outlook in life?  Or what I call, how I see things.  It’s a never ending search and somehow, every step is a destination.  In truth, my family is someone who I encounter who think this same way.


Today I sat and write…

What is I?  if I am made of love?  Would you believe I am or perhaps I am of light?  My mind soars into confusion like I’m inside a waterspout of my own illusion.  Why would i want to be here?

Is this fiction or real?  Is this my imagination or something I wish is?  I have never known ascension but I am in the clouds.  All I see is the sky–I’m in the sky.  Like in Jack and the Beanstalk, I am up above in the sky.  Did I climb or was I carried by the growing giant tree?

Am I happy?  I don’t know…  But I do like to explore so my mind is away from all the worries…

Why was I here?  Am I escaping from love or am I afraid to lose my childhood realm?  My love is always with me, whether I’m alone or just plain with him going wherever.  But why am I here?

Do you ever wonder like this?  They say pure thoughts is mathematics.  Is this that realm?

I cannot hold on to the roots of the underworld.  Would I rather be in this place or worry about the everyday I used to do?  How can I ever show this world?  It is something I have created.  It is something I am not afraid of and sometimes doubt if it is real.

Where is this place in the world?  It is not there.  It is something beyond.  It is in my mind.  The playground of my mind.

I Katha

*Tala:  Wala pang pamagat ang kathang ito kung kaya’t sa ngayo’y ito muna ang aking tanda: I Katha o “Fiction Part I”.


Kapag umusbong ang isang nangungusap ng pilosopiya, makikilala kaya ito na ito’y bahagi ng kanyang kalikasan?  Pagka’t siya ay may malayang kaisipan na binubuo ng kanyang diwa’t pagmamahal.  Hindi ba’t may ilang makata na di mawari ang pag-ibig na kanyang ibinabahagi sa kanyang mga tula ngunit sa pagtatagpo lamang ng isip at puso nauunawaan ang kahulugan.

Hindi ko akalain na matatagpuan ko ang ganitong lugar.  Ang dimensyon kung saan ika’y makalilikha ng mundong gusto mong kalagyan.  Sino ang makapagsasabing may kapangyarihan kang lumikha?



*Ito ay aking inspirasyong nahango sa mga aklat na sulat ni Neil Gaiman.  Hindi ko siya nabasa, pahapyaw lamang ngunit nabigyan ako nito ng ganitong ideya sa pagsusulat ng maaaring patunguhan ng aking kwentong katha kung ito ma’y magtuloy sa isang mahabang kwento.

Agriculture Magazine

What magazine do you read these days?

When I went to a 2nd hand books bookstore here in the Philippines called “Booksale”, I browsed the current publications of magazines in the Philippines.  Booksale has a reputation of being frequented by artists, intellectuals and avid readers to explore new things from old books and magazines alike.  Although they also offer newly published local and imported books and magazine publications, there are only few. 

One that surprised me was to see an Agriculture magazine.  It is being published monthly by Manila Bulletin to update the public on the current trends in agriculture in the country.  It is a growing business.  After all, the nation is mainly an agricultural land.  If there’s one thing the country can successfully offer to the world market, I think that would be natural (organic) products.  No wonder a lot of investors are coming to the country to explore its natural resources and manufacture them using their technologies; it is since the Philippines is having a hard time making its own technological industry.  

But because of the natural ingenuity and industrious character of Filipinos, we find ways to adapt to the changing needs of the country and the world.  Innovative ways to improve food production and food security measures are fast coming to fruition.  Sustainable crops are a variant of staple foods that farmers are now growing.  In this issue, I learned of traditional white corn being produced in Pampanga, a province located in the Central Luzon region.  Despite not being a popular one to grow among corn farmers due to low market demand and smaller economic returns compared to the popular yellow corn, one farmer here prefers to grow this traditional corn.  This crop is a sustainable one and has cultural value.  One local delicacy called “binatog”, which is a merienda or snack I like when I was little, is one food that can be made out of this unique crop, white corn.  It is the first time I learned about white corn where this snack I used to enjoy when I was a child is made from.  I rarely see sellers of this delicacy these days in Manila, even in our place in San Pedro, Laguna.  I remember when I was in grade school, there were still some binatog sellers roaming in bicycle around the village to sell this as a snack in the afternoons.  The bike has a pail with cover tied and placed carefully at the back.  The pail is the container of the binatog, the boiled white corn kernels.  And this street food seller will serve one order with a cup-full binatog topped with grated coconut and sugar.  It is so delicious.  This street food used to be a popular Filipino snack here in the Philippines.  And another dried white corn product is “kornik”.  Usually, these white corn food are available in the provinces of Luzon. 

There is also a growing fondness for lettuce in the country.  It is a favorite staple ingredient for salad lovers.  And salads being made in the country are usually the organic ones.  A growing number of lettuce farmers are having regular buyers for this vegetable.  Along with these lettuce being grown are usually the cherry tomatoes and other herbs.  Various organic ways to repel insects in order to replace the use of pesticides are also being done.  Aside from it, having a chicken farm and even raising rabbits to make fertilizers rich in nitrogen are farming and gardening ideas that enrich the landscape of agriculture in the nation.

Having trellis in a garden especially a vegetable and herb garden is such a lovely scenery.  Especially if the vines growing there produce flowers.  And more so if there are hanging vegetables.  It is so nice to harvest them.

So from greenhouse construction to producing organic products, how to grow in the organic business to venturing in sustainable crops, being a supplier of raw ingredients to understanding the demand in food, you’ll learn a lot in this magazine.  Many authors of the articles are experts including scientists and professors, practitioners and enthusiasts in the field. 

All the positive vibes in the business in agriculture sector including soil improvement, you can get it here.  I think restaurant owners, will also benefit from this magazine.  They can have an overview of local produce that can be potential suppliers of organic products straight from the farms and gardens.

And the best part is you get to know more of what you eat, how you can be a part of the success of agriculture in the country, which is the industry that is very important in the development of the nation’s economy.

Geographically, you’ll also learn of the culture and natural resources abundant and being raised in the regions.  There are many programs that the government and non-profit organizations are being done to help farmers produce the best quality food to be available in the local market.  And these are our assets that we also play in the global marketplace.

In my opinion, knowing our strengths and weaknesses in the global economy in terms of our geography is a wise thing to consider.  We’ll know more how to play wisely, when we know our assets.  We’ll come to know our liabilities as we go along and manage how to balance and keep safe.  The agricultural industry in the Philippines is one that can give us our best yield economically.  Fiscal measures are important but the support from the grassroots to the local consumers will definitely play an important part in the success of industry building in the country.