Street food

Street food

I love food!

That’s Dalandan Mint Juice in Fruit Magic cup. Dalandan is a kind of Philippine orange fruit, only the color is green, which turns yellow when really ripe. The juice or the fruit itself are eaten when the peel is still green. It is best to eat or squeezed to make juice when freshly picked. It has a sour taste and natural sweetness. When it is almost yellow or really yellow, it is already too ripe and the taste is so sweet that is unsavory. That is why when eaten as a fruit or prepared as a juice, it is made sure that it has its natural sour taste with a little bit of sweetness. With Fruit Magic food cart, they add mint, which gives it a unique flavor.

The one on the left is lobster ball from Potdog. I really love small servings of food. I call them “little food” instead of street food because they are not being sold on the streets; they are being sold usually in food courts or on sidewalks within the malls in the Philippines. These food are being sold in what I call “food booths.”

This lobster ball is my favorite among the well-known usual street food like fish ball, squid ball and kikiam. These original street food are usually being sold in mobile food carts-carts with wheels parked on sidewalks of busy streets in the Philippines. I remember when I was a grade school student, the fish ball vendor will park its food cart on the sidewalk beside our school. At that time, it was only fish ball but later on, it has evolved to having other choices like squid ball, kikiam, “kwek-kwek” (breaded quail eggs) and cheese sticks. These street food are being fried in front of you as you order them. And now, other street food vendors like Potdog also included lobster ball, crablets, crab egg, chicken nuggets, or even potato wedges. Almost anything that is easy to fry and eat quickly with a nice sauce.

And the one on the right is organic lumpia with special egg wrapper from Aboy’s Fresh Lumpia. It is a food booth at Shopwise Supermarket in Festival Mall, Alabang. I usually frequent Aboy’s to buy fresh lumpia for lunch or as a quick snack when I shop there.
Usually these three are just a snack for others. But since my capacity for eating a meal is just as small as this, it is already my lunch. 🙂 For others, there is a selection in Potdog wherein you can avail of one serving of the street food with rice and drinks. These food are supposed to be for merienda or just a snack but you may observe that many Filipinos have this appetite for fried food and make it a meal. I confess, it is cheap and it is very delectable and appetizing.

I think, it is one thing about Filipinos. We love food! 🙂


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