Why do I prefer organic?

Yes, why do I prefer organic?

When did I start learning to use organic products?

Where did I learn to eat organic food?

I don’t usually eat fruits before.

I used to eat junk food, almost everyday I smoke and every week I drink–usually beer, some times cocktails or wine.  This was my lifestyle.

It was only recently that I learned how a “loser” my lifestyle was.  I only seem to be a winner because even if I don’t eat right, I was still sexy and beautiful. Yeah! 😉

Why was I still beautiful despite having poor diet?

There was one thing that didn’t left me–my fierceness.  My snobbishness.  My naughtiness.    Standing up for what I believe in.

I have always wanted to help especially the poor even if I didn’t have money and I didn’t have the intention to pursue having lots and lots of it.  There were a number of times that I did volunteer work without pay, had been a book fair coordinator in Calabarzon Area in schools but as always, “pity” always get the best of me that’s why I was told by one of our managers, “our business is not charity.”

I was so poor at profit-making.  I tried emotional marketing but I still failed.  But everytime I fail, I still stand up.  I really don’t know why this theme in my life repeats that is why this time, I will raise the bar in my emotional marketing intelligence so I can make (lots of) money at least.

One thing that is not good about me is that I am too “honest.”

I always get into trouble with this character.  How can I get rid of it?  It is too hard to take off.

This is what it means to be organic.  “Honest.”  You’re always true.

If you are a Strengthening Shampoo, you will really strengthen hair.

If you are Carrot Soap, you will make the skin beautiful.

In fact, organic is just an idea.  Whatever product you use, it can make you beautiful if you do believe that it really can.  The difference is that, in organic, you will always be reminded to be true.

And true beauty is natural.

I learned that in nature when I taught in El Nido, Palawan.  To be beautiful is to be true to oneself.  To understand that you are part of the world, a fragment of the whole, and you cannot have a beautiful and orderly life if you cannot follow the laws of nature.

Our bodies came from nature and to nature it will return.


3 thoughts on “Why do I prefer organic?

  1. I used to live the loser lifestyle as well! Until I realised that you only get and have one body and that’s all you get. You might as well take good care of it.
    Oh and you can never be “too honest”. It’s good to be honest, so it’s not possible to be too much of it.

    This was a lovely read.

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